I supply the following information for recording purposes and declare them to be true and correct. I also acknowledge the Martial Arts training in inherently dangerous and that injuries and/or death could occur as a result of my participation. I am aware of the risks involved and participate of my own free will. I will not hold Mildura Martial Arts, Renshinkan or any of its instructors, officers or affiliate schools liable to any expense, damage, loss, injury or liability due to my decision to participate. I hereby assume any and all risks, known and unknown, which may arise from my decision to participate in Mildura Martial Arts/Renshinkan classes. I have been advised by Mildura Martial Arts/Renshinkan to speak to a medical practitioner prior to commencing training if I am unsure of my physical state. I am physically and mentally fit to undertake Mildura Martial Arts training. I have been advised to have ambulance cover, use a mouth guard, and wear appropriate protective equipment. I have been advised to work within my limits and tell an instructor if I feel unwell, or have any other medical/physical issues.